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If you have ever been in a Cavalry unit, then you know the Attitude that becomes most apparent when hanging around with other units.

Therefore, this site is dedicated to all those who serve in the military

with special emphasis on those in the Cavalry, and more specifically the Air Cav.

What does IYACYAS mean ?

Among other things: AirCav

With some Action

Or maybe Adventure

Using lots of Ammo

And some Aviation

The full Background

Could be Cavalry

Probably in Combat

Involving Defense

On these DVDs

There is Equipment

Which might be FUBAR

Of course, Guns Guns Guns

There is History

There are Helicopters

If You Ain't Cav,

Joint Operations

Kills - Killers - Kill 'em all

There are many Legends

About Mini-guns & MLRS

And Napalm

And Night Vision

Or Observation - Operations

Known Positions

In a Quadrant

During a Recon - Report

Perhaps being Safe or SNAFU

See Target - Pull - Trigger

There are Uniforms

And Units

Resulting in Victory

Via someVectors

The Mission might be to Verify

Utilizing Whiskey or Willy Pete

X - change

If You Ain't Cav

You ain't ___


I am one of those people who likes to make movies. I started back when I was kid using my father's 16mm camera and now I have a fairly nice digital camcorder. Back about twenty years ago, I learned how to edit movies on a computer, so I have been cranking out videos ever since. They used to be on VHS tape and now they are on DVD.

For many years it was too difficult to show movies on web pages, but now it has become commonplace. It has almost come to the point where if there is no video clip on a web page, then it is considered boring (to some people anyway).

While I know that my movies will never win any awards, this site becomes a way to make them available. The first one is pretty old, however, it has some shots of which I am rather proud. That is because there were some obvious risks involved in taking them.

The video shown above was the footage from which I made one of the first clips to become widely popular on the Internet. There were hits coming from all over the world to see the firepower demonstration.

Back in 1994, I made what was called an, "Animated GIF." I took individual frames from the video and put them in a looping sequence so that it appeared the gun was firing, then would stop briefly and fire again. That particular clip was part of a web site I created for my unit, "The 1st Squadron 158th Cavalry of the Maryland Army National Guard." At that point in time, back around 1994, ours was one the largest military web sites on the entire internet. I would upload pictures and stories almost every month. Back then I could not post video clips, so I had to wait until 2009 to do it.

Our unit web site won an award from the Pentagon as being one of the Best Training Web Sites on the Internet. We got that recognition because one of the parts of the site was Armored Vehicle Recognition. Once again, I used animated GIFs instead of real video clips, but it worked enough to give people an understanding of why it was important to know the difference between friendly and enemy vehicles. Shown below is an example of what the video clip would look like if I had the technology available back then that I do now.

Whatever way you came to this site, I would simply make the recommendation that you either bookmark it, or put it in your Favorites File, or Save the Address, or do something so that you can find it again. There is quite a bit to this site and it will take time to go through all of it. Sometimes the name of this site is difficult to remember. It is not difficult for Cav guys to recall because it is merely the acronym for their favorite saying. If you are not in the Cav, or don't know this famous Cav saying, then you probably need to bookmark it, put it in favorites or Save It because I am willing to bet you will forget it.

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This site is dedicated to all those who serve in the military, and by serving have become
familiar with the special jargon that is so often used by combat veterans the world over.

This site has been an attempt to educate those of you not schooled in military parlance,
so if you still do not understand what IYACYAS means, then here is a very simple clue:

If You Ain't Cav, You Ain't Seen nuthin

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