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If you have ever been in a Cavalry unit, then you know the Attitude that becomes most apparent when hanging around with other units.

This site is dedicated to all those who serve in the military with special emphasis on those in the Cavalry, and more specifically Air Cav.

What does IYACYAS mean ?

Among other things: AirCav

With some Action

Or maybe Adventure

Using lots of Ammo

And some Aviation

The full Background

Could be Cavalry

Probably in Combat

Involving Defense

On these DVDs

There is Equipment

Which might be FUBAR

Of course, Guns Guns Guns

There is History

There are Helicopters

If You Ain't Cav,

Joint Operations

Kills - Killers - Kill 'em all

There are many Legends

About Mini-guns & MLRS

And Napalm

And Night Vision

Or Observation - Operations

Known Positions

In a Quadrant

During a Recon - Report

Perhaps being Safe or SNAFU

See Target - Pull - Trigger

There are Uniforms

And Units

Resulting in Victory

Via someVectors

The Mission might be to Verify

Utilizing Whiskey or Willy Pete

X - change

If You Ain't Cav

You ain't ___


When it comes to Recon, I have a Favorite.

There are always arguments about which aircraft have better capabilities. This web site will not resolve any arguments, but it can provide some video clips to support certain claims. As the guy who developed this web site, I am afforded the opportunity to express my opinion. It is based upon many hours in Combat flying the OH-6, both A and C Models, as well as flying the later versions of civilian MD-500. For me, the OH-6 was the most extraordinary aircraft that anyone could possibly imagine. As a Recon platform, it was beyond comparison.

I cannot speak to the many refinements that have been made to aircraft in recent years, nor the comparisons to state of the art modern aircraft recently developed. I know one thing for sure, the OH-6, the AH-6 or whatever else you want to call it, is one hell of a Killer Egg. . . And you really need to CLICK that LINK - Killer Egg

The Apache has formidable capabilities with regard to mobility, maneuverability, reconnaissance and firepower.

There are many ways to perform Reconnaissance. What strikes me about Aerial Recon is the range, the flexibity and the human factors. Once again referring back to old Viet Nam era days, we would actually track the enemy by looking at footprints on the ground. I was trained to be a tracker, like an woodsman or a native American. We did not have to see the enemy in person. We would know where the enemy was by following tracks. UAVs are good, but I don't know if they are that good.

I was also very privileged to fly the BO-105 with the German Army.

See what you think of its capabilities on the link below:

BO-105 Demo

I was supposed to be able to recognize not just enemy vehicles, but the tracks of their vehicles, to include bicycles. I was supposed to be able to report Which way they were going and How long ago they passed. (Just from observing their tracks ! )

Reconnaissance was an Art.

I would also be the first to say that if a UAV can do the job, then put 'em out there. They are great because of lower risk, more station time and they allow Cav guys more time to hang around and . . . . . .

Someone will have to tell me if the UAVs can really replace a hot-shot Cav pilot in a LOH. - - Not for every mission, but maybe there is a place for both on the battlefield ?

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This site is dedicated to all those who serve in the military, and by serving have become
familiar with the special jargon that is so often used by combat veterans the world over.

This site has been an attempt to educate those of you not schooled in military parlance,
so if you still do not understand what IYACYAS means, then here is a very simple clue:

If You Ain't Cav, You Ain't Seen nuthin

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