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If you have ever been in a Cavalry unit, then you know the Attitude that becomes most apparent when hanging around with other units.

This site is dedicated to all those who serve in the military with special emphasis on those in the Cavalry, and more specifically Air Cav.

What does IYACYAS mean ?

Among other things: AirCav

With some Action

Or maybe Adventure

Using lots of Ammo

And some Aviation

The full Background

Could be Cavalry

Probably in Combat

Involving Defense

On these DVDs

There is Equipment

Which might be FUBAR

Of course, Guns Guns Guns

There is History

There are Helicopters

If You Ain't Cav,

Joint Operations

Kills - Killers - Kill 'em all

There are many Legends

About Mini-guns & MLRS

And Napalm

And Night Vision

Or Observation - Operations

Known Positions

In a Quadrant

During a Recon - Report

Perhaps being Safe or SNAFU

See Target - Pull - Trigger

There are Uniforms

And Units

Resulting in Victory

Via someVectors

The Mission might be to Verify

Utilizing Whiskey or Willy Pete

X - change

If You Ain't Cav

You ain't ___



is an acronym meaning F**ked Up Beyond All Recognition

Military people have developed this special abbreviated language to save valuable time in communications.

Another commonly used term among the Cav or any military unit is: SNAFU , which means Situation Normal All Fouled Up. There might be other variations of the intent or interpretation, but the net result is that FUBAR is bad and SNAFU is good. When you are asked for a SITREP (Situation Report), you might only be able utter a few syllables. On other occasions when the threat level is less of a concern, the response might be: F**k You and The Horse You Rode In On (FYATHYRIO), which certainly demonstrates a typical Cav attitude.

There are web sites that provide a full list of Official Military Acronyms, such as: DoD Offical Version, Army - Air Force Version, Brit Version, Navy Version, but not one of these official sites recognizes FUBAR, so now you know.

Upon attending a military event recently, an Acronym was mentioned that was not familiar. It was, "FIIGMO." It might be unique to the Air Force because at one time it meant, "Fug It I Got My Orders." That generally meant the servicemember was due to rotate out soon. There was also another interpretation if that acronym were reversed, something to the effect of, "Oh My God, I am F**ked."

The video clip below will help to illustrate how quickly things can go from being SNAFU to Holy Sh*t. It is vital that all members of Cav units be intimately familiar with the terminology.

So, once again we have some examples of a chaotic battlefield of old as compared to the digital battlefield of today:

Fortunately for the Air Cav, things are not always so chaotic as they might appear in the video clips.

There are, however, occasions when things do not go exactly as planned.

The image above show what happens to an aircraft that was being transported on the back of a truck, which rolled into a ditch during a thunderstorm. There were no injuries, but the damage was extensive.

The Goal of Safety is to Avoid Accidents

One of the challenges facing all units in the military is the process of developing a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). That document is usually very long and detailed. Some people in the units may never read it, but it must exist.

Writing an SOP from scratch is not a pleasant thought. Most people assigned such a task, look for reference material or SOP's of other units which have proven to work. The process then becomes one of customizing existing documents to serve the needs of a particular unit.

With that in mind, this page is devoted to providing sample SOP documents.

The idea of having an SOP online is far too ambitious to suggest. This only offers a hint of the potential available through networked capabilities.

In order to make best use of these pages, users should know how to 'SAVE' the sample documents to their own hard drive for manipulation. The following documents are presented merely as an example. No warranty is expressed or implied. Contributions are welcome.

If you have an SOP that works well for your unit, why not share it with others?

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This site is dedicated to all those who serve in the military, and by serving have become
familiar with the special jargon that is so often used by combat veterans the world over.

This site has been an attempt to educate those of you not schooled in military parlance,
so if you still do not understand what IYACYAS means, then here is a very simple clue:

If You Ain't Cav, You Ain't Seen nuthin

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