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If you have ever been in a Cavalry unit, then you know the Attitude that becomes most apparent when hanging around with other units.

This site is dedicated to all those who serve in the military with special emphasis on those in the Cavalry, and more specifically Air Cav.

What does IYACYAS mean ?

Among other things: AirCav

With some Action

Or maybe Adventure

Using lots of Ammo

And some Aviation

The full Background

Could be Cavalry

Probably in Combat

Involving Defense

On these DVDs

There is Equipment

Which might be FUBAR

Of course, Guns Guns Guns

There is History

There are Helicopters

If You Ain't Cav,

Joint Operations

Kills - Killers - Kill 'em all

There are many Legends

About Mini-guns & MLRS

And Napalm

And Night Vision

Or Observation - Operations

Known Positions

In a Quadrant

During a Recon - Report

Perhaps being Safe or SNAFU

See Target - Pull - Trigger

There are Uniforms

And Units

Resulting in Victory

Via someVectors

The Mission might be to Verify

Utilizing Whiskey or Willy Pete

X - change

If You Ain't Cav

You ain't ___


This page is a little different

Instead of Cav kicking ass, this time we take a look at the other sides:

The first one is from Venezuela:

Then, we have the hooah Cuban Infomercial

The basic Afghani - Pakistani - Mujahadeen hoorah Informercial:

The Spirit of Chinese Military to POTC - CPT Sparrow Music:

These Chinese Special Police guys look pretty serious:

The Chinese Stealth Fighter looks strangely familiar doesn't it ?

Russian Slideshow Infomercial of New Equipment

Explanation of Russian capabilities:

Infomercial for new snack foods while drinking Vodka:

Eagle Meets Dragon Scenario - Nice Video to promote Book:

As for the Future of the Cav:

I am sorry to say I am not very optimistic.

This could be the Future Combat Assault Vehicle - "CAV"

This is a sample vehicle already chosen by the British military for use in Afghanistan. It looks to me like a golf cart. I am sure that it will really the scare the Taliban.

It is projected to save huge amounts of money over other, more heavily armed and armored vehicles. Herbert Smedley at the prestigious Tree-Hugger Institute has also devised a way for this vehicle to run on clean, renewable solar energy. Instead of using various types of petroleum based fuels, this vehicle could be equipped with a series of solar panels and an electric battery. Soldiers merely park it in the sun for three days to charge the battery, or they can requisition the M2S3B5 Solar Array and just plug into that. Within a few hours the Combat Assault Vehicle will be fully charged and capable of driving over 100 miles at 25 mph.

The Combat Assault Vehicle can be dropped by parachute from a C-130, however, the Solar Array and batteries to recharge it will need to be airlifted in by several C-17s.

Project Director Smedley says that a special Electrical Stun Gun can be mounted on the vehicle. It will require separate batteries or else it might drain power from the Combat Assault Vehicle and limit its range. The Stun Gun will have a range of 100 meters and will render the target (one person at a time) helpless for a full 5 minutes. (Probably from laughing) The Stun Gun will not harm any vegetation or animals that are on the endangered species list.

Both the Combat Assault Vehicle and the Electric Stun Gun are built with the latest "green technology." If there is not enough sunlight available to recharge the batteries, then a special sail is provided which can be raised to utilize wind power. It is white in color because fabric dyes would be harmful to the environment.

As a result of using these new pieces of equipment, the Pentagon expects to save millions of dollars a year.

If you are in the military in the future, all I can say is:

Good Luck !

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This site is dedicated to all those who serve in the military, and by serving have become
familiar with the special jargon that is so often used by combat veterans the world over.

This site has been an attempt to educate those of you not schooled in military parlance,
so if you still do not understand what IYACYAS means, then here is a very simple clue:

If You Ain't Cav, You Ain't Seen nuthin

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